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Early Bird Dining: 2 courses €19.95 | 3 courses €23.00


One selection of starter

CHICKEN SATAY  Char-grilled curried chicken skewers, served with warm peanut sauce & lightly pickled vegetables 5

PRAWN COCONUT marinated tiger prawn with coconut milk, lightly breaded and golden fried 1,3,4

SPICY CHICKEN WINGS  marinated with spicy thai herbs and served with sweet & sour mayonnaise 7

SPARE RIBS Tender pork ribs gently cooked to perfection served with a sticky honey sauce 6

DUCK SPRING ROLL Hot crispy five spiced shredded duck cont with cabbage, leek and glass noodle , served with an orange-plum sauce 1

One selection of mains

All mains are served with steamed jasmine rice except noodle dishes

GREEN CURRY  Thai curry paste of fresh green chilli and basil ,coconut milk lemongrass,lime leaves with peppers, bamboo shoots and fine beans. Choose from Chicken, Prawn or Vegetable 7

RED CURRY Red curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, lemongrass and lime Choose from Chicken, Prawn or Vegetable 7

MASSAMAN CURRY Coconut milk infused with massaman paste and fresh herbs potatoes, onion & cashew nut Choose from Chicken, Prawn or Vegetable 7,5,8

CHILLI BASIL NOODLE  Rice noodle with mixed vegetables stir fried with crushed garlic red chilli and basil Choose from Chicken, Prawn or Vegetable 6

PHAD THAI  Rice noodles stir fried with tofu, beansprouts, spring onion, carrot served with lemon, ground chilli and crushed peanuts. Choose from Chicken, Prawn or Vegetable 1,5,8

CASHEW NUT CHICKEN  Chicken sautéed with cashew nuts and bell pepper onion mushroom and dry chilli 6,8

LIME CHILLI SEA BASS  Steamed seabass in a light piquant chilli-garlic sauce infused with fresh herbs 3,6

One Selection of Dessert




Please inform service staff of any allergies or dietary requirements

Gluten 1, Crustations 2, Fish 3, Egg 4, Peanuts 5, Soya Beans 6, Milk 7, Nuts 8, Celery 9, Mustard 10, Sesame Seeds 11, Sulphur Dioxide 12, Lupin 13, Molluscs 14,.